Old Skull Games offers a new approach on game development. With strong human values and a touch of craziness, we have found the best recipe for players.

Created in 2012, based in Lyon, with 25 pirates, Old Skull Games continues to grow and has the ambitious project to become a key actor of the industry.



Lyon, France

Crew 30+

Our Positioning

Founded by video game and animation industries veterans, Old Skull Games has set itself the mission of developing strong partnerships with publishers and IP owners through the production of ambitious and quality games.


Work for Hire

(Console / PC / Mobile)

If you have a project, a wish or an idea, share it with us so we can help you create the perfect concept!

We love all kinds of universes and are ready
to bring you our game development expertise,
our production process, to build a successful game!


(Mobile Free-to-play)

We are not afraid to dream big,
so if you are up for it, sail with us toward
the new best mobile free-to-play game!

Our agile method and data centric processes are ready to take our collaboration to the next level.
By co-investing in the project and joining
our marketing task force
, we will have all the tools to share the success as real partners !


To support our growth and our new ambitious corporate development, we are currently raising funds.
You are an investor? Contact us!